About Krikor

Krikor works only on the classic models. He loves tinkering with quality Rollei mechanicals and quiet Synchro-Compurs. Their reliability and longevity is a matter of record.

With his extensive experience, Krikor knows every aspect of the Classic Rolleiflex TLRs and Rollei 35 cameras. Krikor's association with Rollei, and its technical leadership in the field, is a great source of pride to him.

Client Testimonial

"Please, say "hi" to Krikor for me. Indeed, he puts magic back into the cameras. One of the Rolleis that he CLA'd for me, a 3.5F Planar, just went to India. The results from that trip exceeded my wildest expectations. Krikor came through as his CLA helped the Rollei work flawlessly."

Please feel free to quote me.

Kindest Regards - Chris Perez

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