Services & Repair

At Krimar Photo Shop we clean, lubricate and adjust all classic models. We overhaul the film transport, if needed, and take apart, clean, lubricate and reassemble the shutter mechanism. We collimate all lenses, and test for correct tolerances. If repairs are needed, we have genuine Rollei spares on hand.

We examine and fix damaged Rolleis—if deemed practical. For the collector, we use genuine Rollei leather on TLR's that need a face lift. For fans of the fabled 35 series, we also get your Rollei 35 T, 35 S, 35 TE and 35 SE fully operational and ready to do magic. Finally, our work carries a 90 day warranty on labor and parts.

At Krimar we quote an estimate before working on your camera. All work is done upon customer approval. The Krimar 90 day warranty comes in writing and is always honored, unless for accidental damage or customer mishandling. Ask for Krikor at: 201-796-0554 and tell me what you need. We are here to serve you and your Classic Rolleiflex.

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